August 25th, 2018

The ever-enthusiastic crowd of KCCOE witnessed a evolutionary seminar, which gave an insight into AI and Cybersecurity, which was organized by KC E-cell, in association with North Star Tech Advancement & Research. The featured speaker of this fantastic seminar was Mr Jaisingh Gupta, MD & CEO, North Star Tech Advancement & Research. This seminar began at around 12 noon, where at first, the speaker started with the introduction and definition of hacking and hackers.

The audience of this mind-boggling seminar were students of all branches from SE & TE and KC E-Cell members. The speaker introduced the audience to Polymorphic attacks, in which he highlighted the ease of hacking devices like Printers and Routers. Further, Mr Jaisingh briefed up the audience about various threats and vulnerabilities in Android Devices, Emails, Cloud services, etc, thus explaining the Current Cyber Threat Landscape, in which he highlighted that 60% of Android devices are not at all secure.

Further, he spoke about Cyber Security and the importance of Cyber Security experts. Mr Jaisingh emphasized the importance of being UpToDate in the profession of Cyber Security. Then, further, he mentioned the tools, ought to be present in the arsenal of Cyber Security professional, starting with precautions necessary to be taken. Further, the speaker introduced the audience to tools like CVE (Database of vulnerable devices), Metasploit and usage of Linux OS. Also, the speaker stated the fact that only 5% of organizations have access to good cybersecurity and that, 60% of companies were shut down due to hacking and thus, he came to explain the role of his firm, which helps the companies build business modules on a secure network. The speaker also mentioned the positive job scenario in the field of Cybersecurity. Thus, after introducing the audience to the concepts of Cybersecurity and Revolution 4.0, a short break was taken for refreshment. But, there was already a lot of excitement amongst the audience for the next part of this seminar, which was the AI workshop.

The seminar resumed at around 2 pm, with the audience, refreshed and ready to look forward into what Mr Jaisingh was about to introduce them to. Workshop restarted with the concepts of Basic Mathematics of 11th and 12th, Differentiation and Integration. Further, the speaker talked briefly about Sigmoid and various other functions and explained practically it’s implementation using python programming. This complete session was streamed live in two parts on Instagram of KC E-Cell.

In this way, this meritorious and brainstorming seminar concluded at around 4:45 pm, with audiences coming out with a lot of new information and knowledge, which was enough to give a kick-start to the generation of new ideas and innovation, which was some real motivation to ignite the passion of Problem Solving.