September 15th, 2017

Students freeing themselves from the shackles of their regular routine, were all set to touch the sky, thanks to the Drone workshop, which was organised by KC E-cell in association with Dronacharya Aviation Pvt Ltd. From this esteemed Drone firm, some members like Mr Tushar Pethe (Co- Founder), Mr Yash Patel(CTO), Mr Rohit Karle(CTO) and others were present to provide guidance about the drone technology, to all the aspiring engineers of KCCOE.

This workshop, which had a notable presence of FE students, was commenced at around 10:45 am, starting with the felicitation of Mr Tushar Pethe (Co-Founder, Dronacharya Aviation Pvt Ltd) and others, which was done by Prof Yogesh Karunakar, Head, EDC-KC. Further, the workshop started with an introductory video about Dronacharya Aviation Pvt Ltd and Mr Yash giving some brief details about the firm and its projects. Next, he introduced the audience to the brief classification of Drones and gave a detailed explanation about the Quadcopter and its all the basic components. Then, came the actual part of the workshop, where students began to assemble the drones in Quadcopter fashion, under the guidance of Mr Tushar, Mr Rohit and others. Mr Rohit, an enthusiastic engineer of this team, streamed the entire workshop live on his YouTube channel Rohit Fpv. A short break was given to all at 1 pm after which the aspiring KCCOE engineers completed the assembling and testing of their drones, all set to let them soar in the sky.

This workshop concluded with the August presence of Dr Harssh Khanna (Chairman), Dr Sai Kiran Khanna (MD) and lastly, an encouraging speech was given by Principal Dr Hansraj Guhilot, and then the drones were set to soar in the sky. Students tried flying their drones, under the guidance of Dronacharya members. Overall, this workshop gave an exposure to the students about the drone technology and hands on working gave them some experience regarding the same, which proved fruitful to them.