October 14th, 2017

Students from all branches and spheres of KCCOE showed their enthusiastic spirit by participating in the Google Crowdsource Event, which was organized by KC E-Cell. This was an event, organized by ardent KC E-Cell members, Jayesh Behera and Rishabh Yadav, which received a whopping response from KCCOE students, as the attendance marked was above 100. This session was all about differentiating real and fake images and putting the service to work at its best.

This session was attended by around 105 students of KCCOE. It all began with a brief introduction about KC E-Cell and its activities, which was given by Rishabh Yadav, Member, KC E-Cell and then, the event was further hosted by Archana Yadav, Member, KC E-Cell. Then, the talk began around 10:30 am and was given by Ali Mustafa, CTO & Founder of Students Connect along with Aishwarya Muchandi and Saif Inamdar, the coordinators. The talk was interactive and it began with highlighting the importance of language and how it’s acting as a barrier between the people and the information. “Language should never be a barrier” the speaker highlighted. India being a secular country has different languages yet the information available on the Internet is mostly in English. Then the session started with its essence and paused at a competition asking the audience to download the Google Crowdsource app and begin their contribution. They were provided with Wi-Fi facility to participate and contribute. Also, they were given exciting Google goodies based on their contribution and score at the end. This entire event was also streamed live on Facebook and Instagram Page (@ecell_kccoe) of KC E-Cell, which marked E-Cell’s Social Media presence strongly.

The session ended with the participants coming out with the joy of getting a pot full of information in a day and also with an attitude of contributing for the good of the fellas and being a part of something that was out of the box.