August 14th, 2018

The budding entrepreneurs aka students of KCCOE stepped away from their regular schedules to attend the KED Talk which was organized by KC E-Cell. It was conducted by two awesome speakers, Mr Sagar Bhosale (Director, MFC Restaurants Pvt Ltd.) and Mr Ashok Karkera (Senior Manager, L&D, TATA Capital Financial Services Ltd.). In this interactive session, an insight was given to the students about Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

This session was attended by 73 students from all branches of FE, SE and TE along with Prof Yogesh Karunakar, Head, EDC-KC, Prof Kshipra Naikare, Innovation Catalyst, KC E-cell and Prof Pratap Nair. This fun, interactive and knowledgeable seminar commenced at around 3:30 pm with Mr Ashok explaining the differences between Businessman & Entrepreneur and an Employee & an Intrapreneur. Further, Mr Ashok went deeper into the definition of Intrapreneurship and explained to the students present, “Why Intrapreneur is a Happy Slave?” Mr Ashok also emphasized the importance of Intrapreneurs and why their ideas are important and worth-trying with some well-known examples. Then, there was a brief session conducted by Mr Sagar at around 4:20 pm, which was a pretty fun and interactive session wherein, the Speaker explained Importance of enjoying the difficult path towards success, handling rejections tactfully, Importance of an idea and coining of the same, understanding of the market and the formal legalities, taking calculated risks, prompt usage of Social Media and avoiding misusage of privileges at hand in the overall Entrepreneurial Journey of an individual. It was overall, an interactive session, to which the innovative minds of KCCOE responded enthusiastically.

This talk concluded at around 5:15 pm, with students coming out with a changed attitude and a whole lot of information about with the basic knowledge of what is the difference between an Intrapreneur and an Entrepreneur and everything regarding the entrepreneurial world, thus helping them to dive into Entrepreneurship without holding any fear and taking calculated risks.