November 15th, 2017

Machine Learning is the need of this hour and Data Scientists are in high demand in the market. Understanding this very demand of the market, KCCOE introduced its students to the vast world of Machine Learning through an introductory seminar, which was organised by KC E-Cell, which saw a whopping response from the ever-enthusiastic crowd of the college. The seminar commenced at around 11:30 am, with Mr Vikramank Singh (Software Engineer, Facebook) and Mr Abdurrab Khan, as the featured speakers of this seminar.

This extraordinary session was attended by around 60 students and some enthusiastic faculties as well. Mr Vikramank, a Data Scientist at Facebook, was the key speaker of this session, where he started the session, by citing various underrated examples like the Recommendations Feed which is often seen on various Social media platforms like Facebook, a self-driving car by Google, etc. Further, he dived deep into the amazing concepts and algorithms which are the driving force of above mentioned underrated examples, thus introducing the audience to several concepts like Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In this entire session, the importance of Machine Learning and also, the scope of Python and R Programming Languages was prominently highlighted by the speaker.

This informative session went on for 2 hours and was concluded at around 1:30 pm, with the audience coming out with the joy of getting a pot full of information in a day and being a part of something that was out of the box.