September 13th, 2017

The Enthusiastic students from KC College of Engineering, Thane (E) were present on Saturday, September 09, 2017 for the Workshop organized by Mr Vishal Samal, Assistant Vice President- Outreach, ISDI. The workshop, which had its name as DICE Bootcamp @ ISME, was conducted at ISDI (Indian School of Design and Innovation), Elphinstone road, Mumbai. In this, an insight was given to the students about Design, Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

The workshop was attended by around 40 students from KC College of Engineering, who were accompanied by Prof Yogesh Karunakar, Head, EDC-KC. The workshop commenced at 10 am with Vishal Samal and Omkar P. being the featured speakers at this workshop. Mr Vishal gave the students, brief insights about the Entrepreneurship. Then, the next session was conducted by Mr Omkar, who held the audiences with his out of the box ideas and further, shared his experiences of being an entrepreneur, focusing on market scenarios and importance of public reviews. Further, an activity was conducted to design a dustbin for visually impaired people. This activity which went on for 45 minutes opened the minds of the students, with various unique ideas being implemented on this activity. After this, refreshments were provided and finally, the workshop was concluded at 1 pm.

On the whole, this workshop gave all the students, an insight to the basic idea about entrepreneurship and understanding the demands of the market. “Love the problems, not the ideas!”, these words by Mr Omkar struck a chord amongst the students, imbibing in them, the true sense of what an entrepreneur is expected to do. With this motivation and knowledge, students may now look forward to diving into entrepreneurship and do good for compensating the needs of the market.