August 17th, 2017

SE and TE students stepped away from their regular schedules to attend the KED Talk which was organised by KC E-Cell. It was conducted by the speaker, Dr Raviprakash, Founder and Head Trainer, Happy Thoughts Foundation, Mumbai. In this interactive session, an insight was given to the students about Entrepreneurship.

This session was attended by TE IT and SE students. It commenced at 11:30 am with Dr Raviprakash being the featured speaker. This talk began with defining fear and causes of fear. The speaker interacted with the students by asking them to note down things that they fear. Further, students were randomly asked about the things that they had noted down, thus this session began with talks about fear eradication. A small talk about how fear is developed in the mind and how it destroys our confidence to succeed. Then, a small video on Sachin Tendulkar, describing how his fear took over his courage and his quest to play the game. Then, another interactive activity was conducted where the students were asked to state their fear and another student amongst them was asked to find out a solution to overcome it.

This talk concluded at around 1 am, with students coming out with a changed attitude and a mindset which was now truly free from fear, thus helping them to dive into Entrepreneurship without holding any fear, any further.