September 28th, 2017

The budding entrepreneurs aka students of KCCOE stepped away from their regular schedules to attend the KED Talk which was organised by KC E-Cell. It was conducted by the speaker, Mr Sandesh Shetty of Lithan Pvt Ltd. In this interactive session, an insight was given to the students about Entrepreneurship.

This session was attended by all the members of KC E-Cell along with their mentor, Prof Yogesh Karunakar, Head, EDC-KC. It commenced at 12 noon with Mr Sandesh being the featured speaker. This talk began with Introduction about Lithan Pvt Ltd and its contribution in the education system. Further, the session continued, wherein Mr Satish differentiated between a Businessman and Entrepreneur, in a very interesting fashion. Next up, he briefed up the audience with the characteristics and working attitude of an Entrepreneur. Then, there was a brief session conducted which revolved around the question ‘How to be an Entrepreneur?’ wherein, the Speaker explained Importance of problem understanding, Implementation of an idea, understanding of the market, three stages of a start-up, management of funds acquired, problems, challenges faced by a start-up and Importance of Mentors in the overall Entrepreneurial Journey of an individual. Then, there was an interactive activity conducted where the students were asked to pitch their ideas, to which the innovative minds of KCCOE responded enthusiastically.

This talk concluded at around 1.30 pm, with students coming out with a changed attitude and a whole lot of information about almost everything regarding the entrepreneurial world, thus helping them to dive into Entrepreneurship without holding any fear, any further.