Ecell Mentors

Yogesh Karunakar

- Professor at KCCEMSR

Professor at K.C.College of Engineering and Management Studies & Research Convener of E-Cell and firm believer of “Learning is addictive because its joyful”. He has some of the brightest ideas and new, something that stands out of all the existing crowds. He stepped out of the shell to teach millions of entrepreneurs around world and encourages transforming ideas you might have never considered. As E-cell mentor he’s always present to solve any faced problems with his experience and takes students innovations to next level. Aside from being Master of Tech ideas, Cooking is one of his exceptional skills as he makes great delicious foods. His artistic skills include drawing and sketch.

Sahil Mhapsekar

- Co Founder

Sahil Mhapsekar, one of the founding members of KC Entrepreneurship Cell, graduated in 2018 from Department of Computer Science & Engineering is currently working in AKQA. He is also a tech cofounder one of his ventures.He has been organiser for some popular International developer conferences @react_india,@jsconfin. As our Ecell Mentor, Sahil not only is our guide but a true visionary and motivation behind every successful projects and startups. He is a perfect example of how a leader should be!

Jayesh Behera

- Founder and Marketing head of

Jayesh, one true reflection of his name “Lord of Victory”, has not only proven his capabilities but also made everyone believe that a non-technical idea can be also be turned into a successful and fun startup. As a Digital Marketer, he has made his contributions at many tech communities. But above all, Jayesh is what you would call a full-fledged Trekkie. His love for trekking and passion for Digital Marketing paved his way to his very own website “”. With 100s of treks and thousands of beautiful memories, he has made his foot strong in community at a very young age and gained trust of every investor and trek enthusiast. As our Mentor, he has brought Google crowdsource to our college and has also guided our Ecell for National entrepreneurship challenge, which ranked 2nd all over.

Yatharth Manocha

- Student Partner at Microsoft.

A “ture” devotee just like his name to his craft and talent, and a hardcore IoT enthusiast. Passionate about marketing, he served as digital marketing intern as well as programming intern at various companies such as Assimilate solutions, Camp-K-12 and YT Adventures. He also worked as Head of Department for Technical and Design at MAIT chapter, CSI. As our Mentor, he has always encouraged students by lifting their spirits and helping them in shaping their ideas effectively. In very shot span of time, he made a tremendous growth in Ecell which defines his interpretive and problem-solving skills. He loves things to be perfect and scheduled properly and inculcates the same in the members.

Ecell Team

Akash Pandya

Video/Graphics Editor


Ananya Mitra

Social Media Handler


Anit Singh

Ecell Head Co-Ordinator


Ehtesham Siddiqui

Web Development Head


Navdeep Singh

Hardware Head


Pranita Khaire

Content Writer


Rohit Dhende

Graphics Designer